So whats the deal?

Hey guys,

So whats the deal?……..

So i am starting this blog not only to create a place for people to have a good laugh, but to also maybe realise when you go to a cafe or restaurant there is so much more to it.

Now as much as i would love to say that its all about showing people there is more to a cafe than meets the eye, its also about having a place i can come and have a fucking rant, you know kind of like therapy for me, about some of the shit that happens while at Cafe X, if it be dealing with customers, staff, family, friends or just the plain weird and strange creatures that venture on in.

Who am I?

Well lets just call me Heidi……. (this is obviously not my name), reason i wont share my real name nor my cafe, is obviously i dont want to be offending people, so its best they not know its them or where they have been.

I am in my early 30’s, met my husband…….. lets call him Jarrod…… when i was very young, together we were married and having our first child when i was only 18 years old. Since then i have literally been a stay at home mum, for around 10 years i stayed home and never worked while Jarrod provided for us. We went on to have 2 more kidlets. Lets call them……… oldest, middle and youngest!

So anyway after 10 years of being a stay at home mum, gaining a shit tonne of weight and feeling pretty meh about myself, i said to my sister……………. lets call her Sarah……..i really need to do something with my life.  She was super keen as she had also had her first child and was feeling a little in a rut like myself.

Together we came up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas until eventually we found out about this cafe that was up for sale not far from where our first house was and down the road from Jarrods work.  We decided sure lets go and have a look.

Upon arriving at our first meeting with the broker im not going to lie i was pretty sure we were simply just wasting his time and we were just dreaming, but for some reason it all fell into place perfectly and before we knew it he said the owners had a few prospective buyers and would like to see a presentation from each of you as to who they would sell to.

WHAT the fuck were we going to do, we had 24 hours to come up with a pitch as to why we should be the people to buy this business, shit i even had to race out and find something nice to wear, but in 24 hours myself and Sarah pulled through with some shit on paper, went into the meeting almost ready to vomit and not gonna lie….. we nailed it.

After i left it felt so good! I was kind of like you know what even if we dont get it we nailed that and i am pretty impressed with what we did!

PS. if my spelling and grammar is shit you will just have to deal because im not the best nor do i really care and im too busy bursting information out of my head to be able to stop! haha

Anyway obviously turns out we got it, we were so pumped and also starting shitting ourselves. Neither me or Sarah had even worked in a cafe or restaurant let alone run a business in an industry we know NOTHING about…….. shit what have we done!

6 weeks flew by so damn fast and before we knew it, it was go time. We had interviewed existing staff members and had to fire 14 people, we kept only 2……. we had to be ready to do a full renovation on the place from the day we opened and work out how the heck this place worked.

Now let me give you a little idea of when we bought Cafe X we are talking a old hertiage building that was run down, it was hectic nanna country styling was horrific, there was clutter and no style, no love and no care in the place but it did have good bones.

We came in and started changing things, floors, walls, layout, new design etc and let me tell you all 2,500 people on the facebook page were not happy, you know how much no one on this planet likes change…… well yep you guessed it no one was keen for change! Meh what have we done………

Our first month was just insane, we had not a fucking clue what we were doing but shit we had to hurry up and work it out and that we did……….

Day 1….. Cafe X was happy to turnover around $1000-$1500 per weekday and max $2500-$3000 a day on a weekend, There were 16 staff members, a tiny cool room, and 2500 facebook followers with a seating capacity of around 100 people.

Current Day……… Cafe X is now seating 368 people, is booked 4 times over on your average sunday, 25-30 staff members and 20 of them on in one day on a weekend, 37,000 facebook followers still a tiny coolroom and we are a little sad if we only do $14,000 on a sunday reaching turnovers of as a high as $19,000 in one day………

HECTIC right………. and these changes happened soooooo fast, in like only 1 year!

Cafe X is an insane place with some awesome, crazy, frustrating and funny stories that i am willing to share so hop on board and lets do this……..

Heidi xo